Google AppEngine comes with to cover all functionality of the deployment process. This command is currently now wrapped by appengine django command and comes with some benefits of configuration hooks:

python appengine update

Calling this command will send your code on remote AppEngine instance. This option comes with support of pre and post update hooks see Settings.


To perform an operation on Google AppEngine from your local machine use:

python on_appengine syncdb

This command will perform a sycndb operation on your remote instance. Google AppEngine doesn’t come with any kind of remote access mechanism (like SSH, Talent), this command helps to overcome this inconvenience. Any command invoked this way will be called to use of remote storage instead of your local one. This command only affects storage. Other useful examples might be.

  • remote python shell:

    python on_appengine shell
  • remote CloudSQL shell:

    python on_appengine dbshell
  • migrate database if South is being used:

    python on_appengine migrate