Google AppEngine SDK libraries:

Google AppEngine SDK comes with sets of libraries. If there is a need to use one of them, you should append the library in your libraries seduction in app.yaml file rather to add them with use of requirements.txt file (explained below). Example of how to enable lxml in application.

# app.yaml

# ...

- name: django
  version: 1.3
- name: lxml
  version: 2.3

Python requirements.txt

To bring AppEngine development to more pythonic status. The library comes with basic support for python packaging system, You can keep list of required packages in requirements.txt file in your project root directory. Example of requirements.txt for simple project may contains packages like:


These packages will be downloaded and installed during deployment stage ( appengine update). Requirements file may also contain references to packages being under source control:



There is no need to add django or django-rocket-engine to your requirements.txt file. Those requirements are already satisfied.


Editable requirements (prepended with -e option) are not supported.

More about using requirements file might be read here.